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MAY 10, 2016

Another incredibly successful charity golf tournament! The mission was to create an entertaining event that would allow individuals and companies to join together with the common goal of raising funds for three young mothers with late stage breast cancer and their families, so that they could focus on their battles more and financial issues less.” Blessed with a gorgeous sunny day and a full house of golfers, sponsors and other supporters, the end result brought in net proceeds exceeding $50,000 for the recipients and host charity, the Sparkle Caps Project.

1) Getting set up and ready for the golfers and sponsors; 2) Reed Mattingly (owner Rainbow) and his right-hand gal Amanda Broadway, who was a big help in getting this tournament put together; 3) former recipient Lesly Costello saying a few words before the tournament start; 4) some of the golfers at the opening ceremony; 5) carts waiting for golfers and a fun day.

6) Sparkle Caps tables ready for visitors; 7) Glenda McCutcheon, a volunteer extraordinaire—she followed us from Sumter to help out for the day; 8) Glenn Hayes taking advantage of one of the free massages; 9) Letitia Cook, Samanta Molnar and Ashley Witherspoon—big smiles after receiving their checks about a week or so after the tournament.


MAY 5, 2015

Another incredibly successful charity golf tournament, whose mission was to create an entertaining event that allowed individuals and companies to join together with the common goal of raising funds for two young mothers with late stage cancer and their families, so that they could focus on their battles more and financial issues less.” Blessed with a gorgeous sunny day and a full house of golfers, sponsors and other supporters, the end result brought in net proceeds exceeding $40,000 for the recipients and host charity, the Sparkle Caps Project.

(1) Susan “Victorious” – presenting Reed Mattingly, owner of Rainbow, with a golf club, to thank him for being the “driving force behind the tournament; (2) The pink driver; (3) Susan “Victorious” with Kelly Hallman, one of the beneficiaries; (4) A view of the Sparkle Caps tables; (5) Our salesman Griff, the 6-year-old son of Joanie Loquist, the second beneficiary; Renatta Loquist, Joanie’s mother-in-law; Natalie, Renatta’s daughter; and Gigi, Renatta’s sister, volunteers at Sparkle Caps tables; (6) Angela Mayson, one of last year’s beneficiaries, and daughter Alexis, more volunteers; (7) Alexis and mom Angela Mayson and Lesly Costello (beneficiaries last year); (8) Dave and Hope Parente (beneficiaries 3rd tournament)—strong woman got through 17 of 18 holes.

(9) Volunteer Lucas Mattingly and dad Reed; (10) Greg Smith, who did a great job as part of the team putting this tournament together; Joanie Loquist and one of her three sons; (11) Auctioneer Glenn Hayes and Chris Mattingly, both part of the tournament team; (12) good food and auction; (13) Lucas – hard day; (14) Kelly Hallman and family; (15) Glen Hayes and family – We remember his wife Karen with each tournament. She was the beneficiary of the 2nd tournament and the impetus for the resulting tournaments in her memory.

MAY 6, 2014

The day was beautiful—hot with a much-needed breeze, which did send our angels flying off one of the tables a number of times. We sold sparkle caps, golf balls, angels and gift bag sponsorships, and with other cash donations, we grossed $1,200 for Sparkle Caps. As you may have read, this was the most successful tournament yet, and we netted approximately $36,000, which went to 3 recipients.

1) Sparkle Caps tent and tables - ready to go; 2) One of this year's recipients Lesly, 2nd from right, and family, with Vicki on far left. What a trooper - Lesly made it through the day's activities, including the auction and heat; 3) This 9th hole (across from which Sparkle Caps was located) was sponsored by FRIENDS OF SPARKLE CAPS. The sign was printed incorrectly, so my hubby Gary added the FRIENDS OF. Thank you to those who contributed - we collected $305!!!

1) Our VP of operations and breast cancer survivor Vicki Everhart; 2) Dave Parente, husband of one of last year's recipients Hope, sports the purple Sparkle Cap he bought for his wife; 3) Yours truly Susan "Victorious" saying a few words (yes, just a few) before the start of the tournament.



May 11, 2013 through August 18, 2013

Not Just Another 5K

NEWS FLASH! Some SC State Court Reporters went wild at their annual convention in August – WILD over Sparkle Caps! We left 25 sparkle caps with Renee Tollison as part of its auction. When Renee walked out with the box of brilliant caps, the gals got excited and started grabbing the colors they wanted. In spite of some of the reporters stating they had head lice and cooties and were unable to return the caps for the auction, Renee did manage to get the caps back.

LET THE BIDDING BEGIN! 25 caps auctioned, the highest going for $55, for a total of $627. What generous and sparkling ladies!!!! 

The 1,000,000 Steps in 100 Days Challenge raised $1,500 for Sparkle Caps, plus an additional $250 in donations at registration, for a total of $1,750. Adding in the funds raised through the sparkle caps auction, the total gross funds raised was $2,377.

Of the 58 sponsorships designated with the SCSCRA’s funds, 44 of those have already been delivered to women in treatment for cancer. Money was also added to the Children’s Outreach; and 7 mini children’s gift bags went out in August under SCSCRA’s sponsorships. Money was added to other accounts, providing a wide-spread use of these funds. 

I again thank everyone who participated in the 1,000,000 Steps Challenge! We would not be where we are today—giving out our highest number of gift bags ever in August (39 adult, 7 mini gift bags for children and 1 caregiver’s gift bag) without this fundraiser. A special heartfelt thank you to Renee Tollison for all her excellent work in spearheading this fundraiser and rescuing the sparkle caps for the auction! The Sparkle Caps Project is here for you anytime that we can help a loved one or friend dealing with cancer. We are an e-mail or private message away.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Love, Susan Heimbigner

1) Lucky winners of sparkle caps; 2) A table full of sparkle caps winners; 3) SCSCRA Members.

1) Stacy is a pink sort of gal; 2) Susan keeping everyone straight; 3) Missy's blood runs Orange; 4) Renee sporting her $55 (top bid!) white sparkle cap; 5) Cheryl loving her garnet sparkle cap 6) Joy is joyful over lavender.

More happy winners of sparkle caps!


MAY 9, 2013

May 9th, Rainbow Int’l of Columbia’s 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament benefitting Hope Parente (husband and four young children) and Jocelyn Walker (single mom of two young children), both battling metastatic breast cancer. Also participating and benefitting was The Sparkle Caps Project. Almost $30,000 was raised.

Sparkle Caps had a table set up behind the 7th Hole, and I (Susan) hijacked the golfers as they approached from the hole below. We had a big jar on the table, and my wildest expectations were surpassed by the generosity of the golfers. Even though we were told that golfers would not buy the sparkle caps, we sold 21 caps, and you will see 2 of the 3 golfers who then wore them throughout the day. We also sold 16 gift bag sponsorships at $25 each, and Rainbow and I personally matched those 16 sponsorships. We sold out the dozen boxes of donated golf balls, and our money jar was beautifully full of green by the end of the day!

We had a ball, and God provided the most perfect day for golf. I hope we’ll be able to participate again next year.

Now we need to ask for more prayers for Jocelyn and Hope, as they continue fighting like girls! Cancer was found in Hope’s brain this past week, but there is a procedure that should take care of it. These are two brave and courageous women, and I was so blessed to meet and talk with each one of them on golf day. And, boy, can Hope hit a golf ball. While many of the golfers were pinging their balls off the fairway trees, I witnessed Hope smack her ball a good distance straight down the fairway. After a week of not feeling well, on golf day Jocelyn got into a golf cart and was all smiles as she drove it all around. WE ARE WOMEN. WE ARE STRONG!

1) Gary's idea to string all the caps, and that worked out well. 2) Off on a wild ride up to Hole 7 - cutting across the course and through wooded strips. The first time out, another driver almost dumped me out of the car on a fast turnaround, and we were still in the cart area! 3) Jocelyn and her brother and two girls at the airport on their way to their first-ever vacation - Disney World included. These memories created will be so important in the years ahead for these little girls - a happy time with their mom.

1) Former Gift Bag Recipient Vicki Everhart (#129), a big supporter of Sparkle Caps. 2) I (Susan "Victorious") said about 4 sentences. If I'd talked about Sparkle Caps, the golfers never would have gotten to golf in daylight! 3) Hope and Jocelyn - They were smiles every time I saw them. 4) Waiting for the next golfers to come up the hill so that I can hijack them to our tables.

1) The golfer on far left is wearing the regular style Sparkle Cap. Golfers flew in from CA, IL, and FL. 2) Hope, Reed and Jocelyn. 3) Heather (Reed's wife and my daughter), Hope, Reed and Jocelyn

1) Sitting around enjoying some Southern Bar-B-Que and raffle and auction. Beautiful day. 2) Some volunteers who sold raffle tickets drove around handing out water, etc. 3) Hope, Chris Mattingly (tournament organizer extraordinaire) and Jocelyn.

May 3, 2017 was an incredible day as Rainbow International gathered businesses, golfers, sponsors, donors, employees and volunteers and its host charity to raise money to benefit three young mothers with stage IV cancers. To learn more about our three amazing beneficiaries, please go to our Focus on Recipients tab and check out Rainbow’s brochure.

Now I, Susan “Victorious,” am going to get a little personal with the remainder of this post.

HE DID IT AGAIN! I love knowing that there are blessings every day, no matter the circumstances; and I love looking forward to the next way God is going to bless The Sparkle Caps Project, enabling us to do even more for our gift bag recipients!

As the host charity for Rainbow’s Charity Golf Classic, Sparkle Caps receives 10% of the net proceeds. We also work the tournament with our tables set up at a hole. This year I wanted to participate more fully and directly in giving to the three amazing young mothers benefiting from the Rainbow tournament. In line with that desire, I went out on that limb and changed our percentage rate from 10% to 8%, knowing that God was in charge of Sparkle Caps and I did not need to be concerned about how we were going to make up that money. The proceeds from our table sales and the tournament are almost one-third of our yearly income, so I really was going out on that limb.

I talked to God about how incredible it would be if we could more than double last year’s table proceeds (last year was our lowest intake in four years); but I just could not see us selling items and receiving donations enough to make up that 2%. Knowing that nothing is impossible with God, I still asked. And guess what--this was our highest in table donations and sales in this our five years with the tournament.

Thanks to all the generous golfers and some volunteers, we more than doubled our gross table proceeds from last year and almost tripled our net income. That 2% will not be missed.

Don’t be afraid to go out on that limb for God because He is there with us, holding us up as we honor Him with our FAITH and TRUST.

7TH annual rainbow charity golf classic and auction

may 3, 2017

1) All our tables set up, ready for action; 2) Our helpers Rita and Steve Creel, DeeDee Kehl, and hubby Gary; 3) One of our beneficiary families – Brooke Turner; 4) Carts for the tournament honorees, sponsored by Friends of Sparkle Caps; 5) Auction items being set up.

1) More auction items; 2) How is that for a view! 3) Yes, massages at the Rainbow tent on the course; 4) One of the games offered – hitting golf balls – or trying to hit golf balls - into the canoe for a nice prize; 5) Lucas Mattingly gets the day off school in order to help out his family on this important day.

1) Our Sparkle Caps are a great hit – Reed Mattingly and Greg Smith; 2) Games for the kiddos; 3) Chow time; 4-5) – One of our beneficiaries - Scarlet Kasperbauer.

1) Where did it go? 2) Fishing for a golf ball; 3) Once lost golf ball now sailing toward home and that hole; 4) Some of the attendees listening to the opening remarks; 5) Volunteer Cassidy Mattingly.

                                             MAY 2, 2018

Sparkle Caps had been selected for the 6th year in a row as the host charity for the 8th Annual Rainbow Charity Golf Classic and Auction, to be held on May 2, 2018 at Cobblestone Park in Blythewood, SC.

FEBRUARY 21, 2018

Heather Barnes Mattingly – “Today a group of us sat around a table and made a decision that will impact the lives of 4 women and their families in a very uplifting way. I got to speak to these women and learn more about their stories. Their spirits are so inspiring. Their strength comes from faith and family. They are beautiful warriors fighting a battle none of us want to be in. Several of them told me that cancer has been a blessing because it has taught them how to live each day to its fullest. They look at everything that happens to them, whether it's something good or bad, with a positive attitude. I am so BLESSED to be on this journey of giving back! IT FEELS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!”

Denzel Washington


                                                           May 2, 2018


                                                         thank yous


Another successful year is in the books! We netted $60,000 that went directly to our 4 beneficiaries. The Sparkle Caps Project donated all their proceeds back to the tournament. Since 2012, we have given away over $301,000 benefiting 18 families from our community. The support we have received over the years has been tremendous!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to our sponsors, players, donors, volunteers, Rainbow staff and past beneficiary families for all your support and hard work. You are the backbone of this tournament.

THANK YOU to our golf committee for your dedication and commitment to making this year’s tournament a success. Your generosity and compassion has made a huge impact on the lives of these 4 families.

Most importantly, a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to our 4 beautiful, brave warriors. You opened up your lives to a community of strangers and allowed us to lift you up with support on your cancer journey. You have touched our lives with your strength, courage and determination. We will forever be grateful to you for allowing us to lend a helping hand. Welcome to the Rainbow family!

Reed and Heather Mattingly


Thank you for being a part of making wishes - current and future - come true for these 4 beneficiaries and their families and 36 women in treatment for cancer, who will be receiving Sparkle Caps bags of blessings.

Susan Heimbigner


To the Sponsors, Players, Donors and Volunteers:

Thank you for all your support. The day was a blessing to my family. We were overwhelmed by the impact this day made on us. We will forever cherish these memories.

Juanita Mitchell


Dear Rainbow International Restoration family, Sparkle Caps Project, golfers, sponsors, friends and family,

Words cannot begin to express how appreciative my family and I are for the love and kindness shown to us throughout this journey. From the moment I received the call from Heather and Reed informing me that the committee had selected me, I was humbled. I could not believe I had been chosen as a    recipient.

Thanks to everyone who took time from their day to participate in the golf tournament to help raise money and make us feel special. It was a day my family will never forget. My children were blown away by the attention lavished upon them. From driving the carts, to Reed and others showing them where all the snacks were hidden, they were ecstatic to share with their friends how they had spent their day from school. Everyone was so kind and giving that you couldn’t help but feel the love from the moment you stepped onto the course. Thank you, Glenn, for being so kind to my husband and his friends. They had a great time playing golf.

I also want to thank a golfer who came up to me on one of the holes to introduce himself and share his story about his wife. She was a mother of four, who had also battled cancer. This event was a way for him give back and honor her memory. He shared that the club he was playing with used to be hers. My heart was touched as I watched him talk about his wife and how being selected as a beneficiary a few years earlier had made a difference in their lives. I hope it was okay with him that I shared his testimony with my husband. He said he would love to meet him and share his story. I met other survivors who encouraged me and gave me a hug, to others who had traveled from various Rainbow International Restoration locations to show their support. Wow! What an amazing feeling to know they were here for us.

I cannot ever thank you enough for the opportunity to stand in the presence of these wonderful people on that beautiful and empowering day. I pray God will use me to be a blessing to someone, as this group has done on my life. I am forever grateful.

If I can ever be of assistance to you in anyway, please do not hesitate to ask.

Love and Blessings, The Montgomery Family - Yolanda Montgomery


I wanted to thank everyone involved with making our day so wonderful. Thank you so much to the sponsors, volunteers, and players for your kindness, participation, and making a great day possible for me and my family.

Mary Sanna


What an amazing and uplifting experience. Thank you to Reed and Heather Mattingly, Glenn Hayes, Susan Heimbigner, everyone at Rainbow International Restoration, Sparkle Caps Project, all the amazing sponsors, past beneficiaries, and the list goes on.

The tournament was one of the best days my family has had in a while. I didn’t think about anything but the joy, love, and laughter that was all around me. My three-year-old grinned from ear-to-ear while he rode in the golf cart. He laughed and giggled as he sprayed me with water pistols. No one can take that memory away from me. I will always remember this day and treasure it.

Thank you for giving me and my family the perfect day to reflect on, when the hard days are here. Thank you for putting that smile on my son’s face and for the first time in a while, taking the burden and weight off my support system (my family and friends). They enjoyed being there and were so moved by everyone’s generosity and love. They want to volunteer with me next year.

You are all wonderful, beautiful gifts from God. I will treasure our friendships as they continue to grow going forward and I will always remember this amazing, humbling, beautiful day. Thank you from my family to all of yours.

Kimberly Wagner-Picciuolo


                                                           May 8, 2019